Scorpio tattoo designs

Scorpio Tattoo Designs are meant for the intriguing and the bold. Want to know what are the different meanings and significances of Scorpio tattoos? This article will tell you more on Scorpio tattoo designs for girls as well as guys...

Scorpio Tattoo Designs
A scorpion is often related to the dark and hence intimidates people. Therefore, a scorpion tattoo is loved for its striking and intriguing design. Men and women who love mystery and enigma will definitely love to have Scorpio tattoo designs done on their bodies. Another advantage of the Scorpio tattoo is that it can be adorned on any part of the body and it will never fail to capture attention and interest. It can be made on the arms, shoulders, legs, abdomen, back or even feet. There are several Scorpio tattoo designs to choose from. You can either design your own tattoo, go for the colorful Scorpio tattoos, or even have the Celtic or the tribal Scorpio tattoo designs done. Scorpio tattoo designs for girls and guys are more or less the same. Girls can have smaller and delicate Scorpio tattoos on their wrists, ankles or arms whereas the Scorpio tattoo designs for guys comprise of brighter and exotic colors. Guys can even have large Scorpio tattoo on their arms or upper backs